Skykiss sandal flats

220.00  (1,657.59 kn)

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Skykiss sandal flats

  • metallic blue  leather flats with neon green tip
  • silver studs
  • turquoise leather heel 2,5 cm
  • blue metallic logo on side
  •  blue glitter silver  strap on side
  • neon green and  metallic leather strap on side
  • silver buckle
  • made in Italy

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36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41

Product care

Hero4Heroes flats are handmade elegant shoes with special colorful design all made from leather.

precisely because of the complexity of the design, some materials are delicate, so please handle with care and attention,  always keep them in protective bags.

In order to keep our shoes in good condition and last longer please follow this advices:

  • When wearing our shoes please avoid abrasive surfaces ( since you are walking on soles it will probably scratch over time)
  • Avoid direct contact with heat and oil
  • Avoid contact with rain, if does please dry with soft cloth
  • Fill shoes with tissue paper to to retain shape and not capture moisture
  • painted heels are susceptible to scratches
  • mirror leather can be susceptible to small scratches