Hero4Heroes on New York fashion week, September 2017

Words by Taylor Hannon

What’s a world without color? What’s a world without personality? How can anyone live in a life of cookie cutter fashions and bland conformity rituals in which we blindly mimic everyone else’s styles and fads. This designer, like many others in this world, cannot fathom a society where you can’t express your inner beings, we deserve to live like kings and queens of pure grandeur. Her brand is unique, her brand is passionate, she makes women feel indestructible in their own skin and really that’s all that matters. A powerful woman is a woman that can change the masses.

Marijana Hero is an enigma within herself, leaving most to the imagination while simultaneously quenching our thirst for diversity, vibrant colors and self-expressions. A fashion designer from Rijeka, she designs clothes and fashion accessories under the Hero4Heroes brand based out of Croatia. A graduate from the Faculty of Textile Technology at the University of Zagreb, she returned to her home of Rijeka where she has been designing stunning and exuberant creations, bursting with hypnotizing hues and ornamented carefully with crafted pearls, studs and patterns. She says that “Hero4Heroes creates fashion for heroines – little girls, young women, students, mothers, business women, grandmothers – for bold women, brave enough to exchange greyness for color and thus express their strong personality”, a clothing line for all women with a universal message of confidence and empowerment.

The name she chose to headline Oxford Fashion Studio’s New York Fashion Week is Guillemy, this will be her first time walking down the runways in the Big Apple and we are all very excited to see what she has in store for us. Her biggest inspirations stem from her travels across the globe, the world is her oyster and she intends on using her experiences to recreate the beauty found hidden within the far away places only in our inner imaginations. For this collection, she has found inspiration in the work of the famous architect from the Art Nouveau period – AntonioGaudi, the creator of the extraordinary neo-Catalan style, who single handedly combined neo-Gothic structures with elements of Maori and Oriental art. Most of the collection consists of multi-colored dresses with mesmerizing prints all inspired by Gaudi’s stained-glass windows. Also featured are unique sequin dresses with patterns that were custom made based on the designer’s sketches.

Every one of her designs are going to shine as they grace the runways this September, however she is most excited to see the newest edition to her brand make its big debut. She’s mastered the art of clothing and accessories, now it’s time to master her art of shoe design. Trust me when I say that she is over and beyond the title of master in this department. Her shoes are profound, each with exquisite designs and chic patterns that captivate anyone who dares glance into the eye of this masterpiece. This is a very exciting event for her, a defining step in her career, the pressure is on however she does not budge. Her message is clear, the runway is hers, and we all know she will go above and beyond for this collection. We should be proud to have a designer that dedicates her life to making women feel beautiful and empowered. Marijana Hero and her team give us the platform to unleash our inner lioness, and for that we thank her.